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Lost Future Reimagined

In this project, Aishe Vejdani will engage her work with future that is in dialogue with political, social and cultural context of her present and past. In her recent body of work for the past few years, she has investigated her ancestors’ history and memory during the Sovietisation of Central Asia in Turkmenistan between 1920-1930. Brutality of Soviet Union leaves her ancestors who survived with no choice than leaving to and relocation in Iran, where Vejdani was born and raised.

Within this current work, Vejdani will investigate her ancestor’s relocation in Iran and its effect in shaping the perception of future within her family. What different context does to ones’s perception of future, and how a lost future in ones’ own land gets picked up in a foreign land? Furthermore in this project Vejdani’s Turkmen ethnicity within the tension of minority versus majority in Iran’s contemporary history and hence its effect in imagining future will be tackled.  

Painting & Video work
Exhibition type:
Caisa Cultural Centre, Helsinki
Opening Dates:
November 2023
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